Armadons are huge, four-tusked creatures native to Shear. They have thick, armor plated hides and are extremely territorial, charging Monsters and Hunters alike when they stray too close. Although there are massive hollowed-out corpses of creatures very similar to Armadons, those corpses are actually a similar creature or a subspecies that doesn't appear in game.


These large corpses are often mistaken for dead Armadons, but belong to a very similar creature not found in the game.

The Armadon is extremely territorial, and will charge anything that stays in its vicinity for too long. The Armadon will stomp the ground before charging, providing a quick warning for any Monster or Hunter wishing to avoid the considerable damage these creatures can deliver. When charging, Armadons move very fast, though a quick jetpack boost away will save Hunters from the Armadon's wrath- if they're lucky.

An Armadon can damage an uncautious Monster easily, and may even be a serious threat at Stage 1- as such, it is wise to avoid them as the Monster until you have a significant amount of armor. Hunters, on the other hand, should also try to avoid killing Armadons, as they are a rather large nuisance towards the Monster in the earlier stages.

Stats Edit

  • Meats: 3
  • 1500 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 9
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 1x
  • Recognizes enemies at: 40 meters
  • Cautions enemies at: 20 meters
  • Withdraws from enemies at: 40 meters
  • Automatically attacks at: 18 meters
  • Attitude toward monster: Attacks monsters at all stages.
  • Attacks:
    • Melee Attack: 280
    • Charge Attack: 450
    • Stomp Attack: 700
  • Elite Differences:
    • 2000 hp

Buff Edit

The Elite Armadon provides a 15% damage resistance bonus to whomever collects it. This is, as you might imagine, a very useful bonus to both Monster and Hunters, but the Monster in particular gains some serious benefit from this perk, limiting loss of its precious health.

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Trivia Edit

  • Their name may be a reference to the game Primal Rage, as they share their name with a character from the older game, Armadon. Furthermore, they possess a similar body plan to Armadon: Both creatures are large quadrupeds with have armored bodies and ceratopsian frills on their heads.