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The Assault class is the highest damage class in Evolve. This classes job is to do as much damage as possible to the monster, and act as the front line of the Hunter team. The Assaults weapons vary from class to class, but typically consist of a close range, high damage weapon, a long range, high accuracy weapon, and a third wildcard skill that amplifies the Assaults damage in a way that encourages the monster to move.   

Defence Matrix[]

All characters in the assault class have a defence matrix as their class ability. When activated it reduces all damage taken by 55% for 10 seconds and it takes 30 seconds to recharge.

Personal Shield (Legacy only)[]

This is a classic shield all characters in the Assault class are equipped with a personal shield, which when activated, protects the character from up to 1600 damage (essentially doubling the Assaults HP) for 10 seconds. Healing and health regen can be applied under the shield, and health regen effects that trigger from not taking damage will activate when the shield is being attacked. After use the shield has a 30 second cooldown.      

Hunters (Assault Class)[]