A flock of Batrays.

Batrays are bird-like creatures that are part of the Wildlife in Evolve. They are indigenous to planet Shear.

Biology Edit

Batrays are social creatures that stay in close groups and are usually found resting on ground level. They are easily startled by large creatures, particularly Monsters, and will fly away should the Monster come too close, resulting in the "Scared Birds" effect, which reveals the Monster's location to the Hunters. They will not fly away if a Monster is in a stealth mode (Goliath crouch-walking, Wraith becoming invisible, etc). Perhaps the most obnoxious wildlife for the Monster. They can be killed, killing them, however, does not prevent the notification the Hunters receive for startling them, and the corpses offer no food for the monster.

Stats Edit

  • Startling a batray triggers a global icon that can be seen from up to 250 meters away, identical to that of Harpies.
  • The sound Batrays make when startled can be heard from anywhere on the map.
  • Startled batrays last 20 seconds (half as long as a Harpy)

Gobi Edit

Gobi is a "tamed" batray that accompanies the Hunter Crow. Crow uses a special hood for Gobi that causes the normally un-trainable batray to see Crow as his mother. This allows Crow to give Gobi commands such as sending Gobi off on a straight trajectory of Crow's choosing. Gobi will then alert Crow and the other Hunters of any creatures, including the Monster, along his flight path.