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Battle Cabot is a playable Hunter in Evolve. He was the final variant Hunter to be released in Patch 2.16 in 2016.


Battle Cabot is the adaption of Cabot from the Cataclysm time period. He offers a more offensive, quicker playstyle than the regular Cabot.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Photon Cannon[]

An upgraded version of Cabot's Railgun, the Photon Cannon fires faster with multiple shots but with less damage. It can no longer shoot through walls.

  • Damage: 36 per round
  • Headshot Damage: 75
  • Capacity: 6 shots
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds

Projected Shield Burst[]

A shield burst that can be fired from a distance to shield allies and Cabot himself.

  • Recharge Duration: 18 seconds

Orbital Concealment[]

An orbital stealth field that can be deployed and allow allies and Cabot to cloak for a certain amount of time, so long as no attacks are used.

  • Cloak Duration: 8 seconds
  • Radius: 7 meters
  • Delay Duration: 3 seconds
  • Recharge Duration: 1 minute, 12 seconds

Solar Blast[]

A small but effective orbital missile. When marking a location, the bomb will fall with good precision. This can go through ceilings.

  • Damage: 375 per drop
  • Delay Duration: 3 seconds
  • Recharge Duration: 10 seconds


Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward
1 Start 11 50 keys 21 50 keys 31 50 keys
2 Badge 12 Badge 22 Perk 32 Badge
3 280 keys 13 720 keys 23 50 keys 33 50 keys
4 50 keys 14 125 keys 24 50 keys 34 125 keys
5 125 keys 15 Badge 25 125 keys 35 Elite Skin
6 280 keys 16 125 keys 26 50 keys 36 250 keys
7 Badge 17 720 keys 27 Badge 37 250 keys
8 125 keys 18 Badge 28 280 keys 38 Badge
9 280 keys 19 50 keys 29 50 keys 39 500 keys
10 125 keys 20 125 keys 30 125 keys 40 Elite Skin


  • Like any cloaking ability, it's recommended that Battle Cabot uses his Orbital Concealment either when low on health or to save a fallen teammate.
  • Since the Solar Blast has a relatively quick recharge time, try to use it often even if it has a small area of effect. Focus on using it on a Monster that is camping by a teammates body, or using an ability that leaves them stationary while casting.
  • It's recommended that you either take a reload speed perk or class recharge perk in order to fully protect your teammates. Taking these will decrease the time it takes to launch a shield burst or use the orbital concealment.
    • This is especially helpful since the shield burst does not give your teammates as much protection as other Support's.
  • Alternatively, to adopt a more offensive playstyle, you could focus on Damage perks as well as reload perks to speed up the Photon Cannon's damage and fire rate, and the Solar Blast's damage.