An ultra-rich resource deposit that has critical importance to the world of Evolve, Bohrium is a trans-uranic element (in other words, a chemical element with a number higher than uranium, which decays into other elements giving off radioactive energy in the process). Bohrium is the 107th element, and while in real life it is considered a synthetic element (not found in nature), space exploration has allowed for the discovery of this resource on other planets. Shear is a world rich in Bohrium, making it an extremely important planet economically for the NORDITA corporation and the Hub worlds it ships to.

The Broken Hill Mines and Foundry are heavily focused around the mining of Bohrium, and these maps are scattered with Bohrium crates. The Monster can destroy these crates to gain armor and Evolve energy.

Stats Edit

Bohrium Crates have the following stats:

  • 250 hit points
  • 1-3 "meats" sealed randomly inside each crate
  • Can be heard breaking at 200 meters

Bohrium and Sterling Colony Edit

As part of an organization of SALGE (Space and Low Gravity Environment) welders, Markov and his fellow coworkers saved money from their work to found Sterling Colony. When the colony struck Bohrium, the corporations quickly hired mercenaries to forcibly take control of the planets sudden wealth. Sterling Colony fell under control of the corporations, leaving the survivors scattered and Markov a mercenary-for-hire.