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Full Editions of Evolve (All character DLC)[]

Evolve Ultimate Edition[]

The Evolve Ultimate Edition is an XBox/PS4 release that contains all playable characters for Evolve, up to the unreleased fifth support. It includes:

PC Monster Race Edition[]

The PC Monster Race Edition is a Steam Package that includes all playable characters in Evolve except the pre-ordered monster Behemoth, who is sold separately. It includes:

Character Packages:[]

Hunting Season 1[]

  • Torvald (hunter)
  • Crow (hunter)
  • Sunny (hunter)
  • Slim (hunter)
  • Monster Magma Skins (Goliath, Kraken, Wraith)

Hunting Season 2[]

The characters in Hunting Season 1 and 2 are also sold individually.

Free DLC releases[]


Hunter Variants[]

Monster Variants[]

New Modes[]

Cosmetic Skins[]

Roughly every other week, Evolve hosts a community challenge. If the challenge is met, all who played that weekend receive free skins. Over 20 skins have been given away so far.

Cosmetic Skins[]

Monster DLC skins are available for purchase, which can be interchangeable after each match.

These skins change the appearance of monsters and come in several forms, which include Wendigo, Bog (Swamp), etc. These skins can be bought separately for $2.99 each, or in bundles for $6.99 each.

Hunter weapon skins are also available for each playable Hunter character for $1.99 each, or in bundles for $4.99 each. These skins transfer between characters and their adaptations (i.e. Wasteland Maggie could use Maggie's Maneater Skin).

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