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This is the page containing in-game quotes from the character Crow.

General Quotes Edit

Spotting Tracks Edit

  • Wait, I got 'em.
  • Stick close.
  • Here. We're not lost.
  • Monster tracks. Easy.
  • Footprints.
  • Got it. Let's go.
  • Can't miss these.
  • Follow me.

Spotting Monster Edit

  • I'm pointing right at it.
  • Monster.
  • It's there.
  • It's there. Think we can get it. Let's go.

Carrion Birds Edit

  • Birds. Let's go.
  • That way. Birds.

Hoisting Gobi Edit

  • Here bird!
  • Gobi!
  • Come on, Gobi!
  • Come here, Gobi!

Releasing Gobi Edit

  • Go.
  • Know what it looks like? Good. Go.
  • Go on. Find the Monster.
  • Don't let me down, bird.
  • You know what to do.

Gobi spotting Monster Edit

  • Gobi's got it!
  • Hehe. Good bird!
  • Let's go. Gobi found it.
  • Yeah, Gobi found it.
  • Gobi's got it. Told you.

Doming Monster Edit

  • Done.
  • Monster. Time for you to die.
  • Here we go. Monster.
  • Heh. Got him.
  • Monster, trapped.
  • Got it. Let's kill it.

Missing Dome Edit

  • Eh, can't win 'em all.
  • Thought I got it.
  • Oh well. Next time.

Dome running out Edit

  • No more dome.
  • Uh, we're about to lose the Arena.
  • Bout to lose the dome.

Attacking Monster Edit

  • Firing at the Monster. Just doing my job.
  • Targets too big.
  • It's on us! Fight!
  • Stage one, right? Easy.
  • This thing'll die quick.
  • Firing on a Monster. Not sure which one this is.
  • [Stage 2] Stage two, still not a problem.
    • What stage is this one? Two? No problem.
    • Stage two, going down.
    • Shooting at a stage... two, looks like.
    • Your size just makes you easier to shoot!

Goliath Edit

  • Goliath! Got something for you!
  • Goliath, come to the wrong planet.
  • Firing on a Monster. Goliath.
  • Goliath! Fight's on!
  • [Rock Throw] Dodging rocks, ok.
    • Uh... rock? Yeah, rock!
    • Heads up. Rock.
  • [Fire Breath] That's right, it breathes fire.
    • Wow, fire breath.
    • Fire. Huh. That's unusual.
    • Fire breath! Stay back!

Wraith Edit

  • Firing on the... Wraith! Hah, I remembered.
  • Uh, Wraith! Right?

Kraken Edit

  • Uh, Kraken!
  • Kraken in my sights.
  • Kraken! You'll like this!
  • Kraken, let's go.
  • Firing on the, ah... squid-looking one.

Behemoth Edit

  • Behemoth! We are ready for you!
  • Behemoth!
  • Behemoth! You are not that big!
  • Found the Behemoth!
  • [Fissure] Jetpacks! Dodge!
  • [Rock Wall down] What happened to the wall?

Armor down Edit

  • No more armor.
  • It ran out of armor. Heh.
  • Armor's gone.

Dome Falling Edit

  • Dome's about to drop.
  • Dome is, uh... out.

Monster staging up Edit

  • That was the Monster. Staging up.
  • It staged up. Huh.
  • Hm. Thought we'd find it before it did that.
  • Staged up. Still gotta fight it.

Albino Edit

  • Shooting this white one.
  • Albino. Got something for me?
  • Albino, goodbye.

Wildlife Edit

  • Plant. It'll eat you.
  • Firing on this thing.
  • [Tyrant] Tyrant. No joke.
  • [Megamouth] Megamouth here. Something bad in these things. Tear you up inside.

Being healed Edit

  • All I need. Thanks.
  • Thanks. Not used to, ah... people.
  • Nice. Thanks.
  • You got me. I'm healed.

Getting headshot on Monster Edit

  • Too easy.
  • I can do it again, hang on.
  • Bullseye!
  • What I get paid for, I guess.
  • Like that?
  • Hit.

Teammate getting headshot Edit

  • Nice. Can you do it again?

Cabot's Damage Amp Edit

  • Wow, that's uh... a lot of damage.

Reviving teammate Edit

  • Come on. Still fighting.
  • Monster's gone. You can get up.
  • [Bucket] I got you, tin man.
  • [Cabot] Let's go, leader man.
  • [Hyde] Not helping us on your ass, Hyde.
    • I got him. Come on, Hyde.
  • [Hank] Come on, Hank. We need you.
    • Need shields and orbitals. So...
    • Get up and give us an orbital.
    • Got you, Hank.
    • Come on old man.
    • I got you Hank. Need some shields.
    • Hey, Hank. Guess, ah... guess you survived.
  • [Caira] Ok, Caira. Let's go.

Downed Edit

  • Ungh... it got me!
  • I'm wounded!
  • Help!?
  • I'm down, help!
  • I'm going to die!
  • Hey! A little help here!
  • Uh. Help?

Teammate death Edit

  • [Hank] That was, ah, support guy. Orbital. Hank.
    • Sorry, Hank.
  • [Medic] Too bad. I liked having a medic.
    • Medic's gone. Not sure I like that.

Two left Edit

  • Bad plan.
  • Next time, we kill the thing at stage one.
  • Just us? Ok.
  • Two down. Two to go.

Sole Survivor Edit

  • Don't know why I let Slim talk me into this.
  • See if there's a cave around here.

Win Edit

  • Told you.
  • Dead Monster. Good.
  • Knew we'd win.

Legacy Edit

The following quotes only exist in the Legacy version of Evolve.

Defend Edit

Lose Edit

  • Let's go. No reason to hang around.