Crowbill Sloths are massive brutish herbivores found on Shear.

They are very powerful, and will only attack if provoked, yet are extremely territorial. The sloth has a striking resemblance to the Megatherium, a giant, prehistoric ground dwelling sloth that died out 11,000 years ago.

Crowbill Sloths are aggressive towards hunters that enter their personal space. Once they are disrupted, they will make a roaring sound, then charge the object of their ire, potentially slamming the ground to attack it. The slam attack deals heavy knockback.

The Crowbill Sloth is one of four creatures with a unique animation for killing other wildlife (The other three being the Tyrant/Mammoth Bird and the Basking Cephalodon/Glaciopodand also blitz leopard/strider). When too close to a Spotter, they will initiate a takedown.

Stats Edit

  • Meats: 3
  • 1500 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 14
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 1x
  • Recognizes enemies at: 20 meters
  • Cautions enemies at: 18.5 meters
  • Withdraws from enemies at: 30 meters
  • Automatically attacks at: 12 meters
  • Aggro Time: 10 seconds
  • Attitude toward monster: Attacks monsters at all stages.
  • Attacks:
    • Melee Attack: 300
    • Charge Attack: 600
    • Slam Attack: 200
  • Elite Differences:
    • 2000 hp

Buff Edit

The buff of the Crowbill sloth provides 15% extra damage for hunter and monster.

This buff lasts 5 minutes.

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