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E.M.E.T. is a medic from the fifth wave of Hunters in Evolve. He is a repurposed Vok-class search-and-rescue drone. His quotes can be viewed here.


Heal like a medic and fight like a demon. Emergency Medical Evacuation Technician drones have been used in disasters to help people in need of medical attention. Reliable as medical techs, these drones aren't traditionally designed for battle. E.M.E.T. benefits from a commando logic core given to him by Jack making him an asset in the hunt and a little insane.

E.M.E.T. is an Emergency Medical Evacuation Technician retrofitted by Jack for combat against monsters. In order to make use of him in combat, he supplemented a war droid processor, known as a Demon Core, into E.M.E.T.'s head. The Demon core is clearly aware of the Reason core's presence as on occasion he even replies to monologue from the Reason core. However, the Reason core seems oblivious to the Demon core as E.M.E.T explains that sometimes his Reason core goes dark and when it comes back on people give him strange looks. When the Demon core takes over, he utters extreme expletives, shocking his teammates.


There are actually two separate personas within one body. E.M.E.T. is the original medical droid personality. He is kind and helpful, with childlike glee for even simple things. The Demon Core is a sadistic psychopathic monster who routinely threatens bodily harm even to his teammates and makes many creative death threats to the monster. The two cores are never active at the same time, and Emet is only dimly aware of its presence.

E.M.E.T. is a Vok class drone, built with a mind only powerful enough to perform his specific task. Jack describes the addition of his Demon Core as putting him somewhere between a Vok and a Super-Vok (a learning, but still non-sentient, machine, used to manage other Voks).

E.M.E.T. is very sensitive and likes his teammates. He instantly tries to befriend as many as he can, although sometimes his lack of understanding ends with him offending his team, even with the Reason core. This is seen most commonly when E.M.E.T. interacts with Torvald and Bucket in the dropship conversations 'The Heart of a Man' and 'Insane,' respectively. You can listen to dropship conversations here. When Hunters die he often apologises and criticises himself for their death. Additionally, if E.M.E.T. is the last hunter alive, he can sometimes mention how he wasn't programmed for that and sometimes even says, "I am alone, it is not a pleasant feeling," speaking to how much his companionship with the other Hunters means to him, even if he is not liked by all.

E.M.E.T. also seems to be extremely motivated to help people and states that he is very glad he is able to do so. Additionally, he becomes sad over the fact that he cannot save everyone, and tells Jack that the fact they've not been able to save everyone 'hurts.' The conversation this is from is called 'Unique,' and can be found on the Evolve Dropship Conversation's site linked above and here.

Weapons and Equipment

Replay Cannon

This consists of two separate weapons. The first is a small tracking pellet fired from Emet's finger gun. The second is a barrage of missiles that home towards the tracking shot, shooting 8 missiles in total.

  • 120 rounds per minute (tracker shot)
  • 140 rounds per minute (replay cannon)
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds
  • Tracker Shot explosion radius: 1 meter
  • 27 damage per tracker shot
  • Replay Cannon Missile Speed: 30 meters per second
  • Maximum turn speed of missiles: 10
  • Damage per missile: 70
  • Missile explosion minimum radius (maximum damage) 2 meters
  • MIssile explosion maximum radius (decaying damage) 4 meters
  • Shots per magazine: 8 (shared between tracker shot and replay cannon)

Healing Buoys

Deployable buoys that heal teammates within their radius. While they slowly generate health overtime, E.M.E.T. can trigger them to release a powerful healing burst by triggering his own.

  • 1 seconds before activation
  • 15 meter healing radius
  • Max of 3 deployed at a time
  • Heals 40 health per second to normal targets
  • Heals 60 health per second to incapacitated targets
  • 25 hit points
  • Heal (other): 300 health
  • Heal (incap): 250 health
  • Heal (Self): 300 health

Respawn Beacon

A plantable beacon that reduces the dropship timer to 30 seconds and teleports teammates to its location. It cannot be deployed if no teammate is dead or if the dropship timer is less than 30 seconds.

  • 1.5 seconds to deploy
  • 45 seconds cooldown between uses
  • 2 seconds before activation
  • 30 seconds before hunters respawn
  • 300 hit points

Class Ability: Healing Burst

When you activate the Healing Burst, the buoys fire an even more potent Healing Burst.

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Range: 16.5 meters
  • Heal (other): 300 Health
  • Heal (self): 300 Health
  • Heal (incapped): 250

Downed: Pistol Finger

  • Used only when downed
  • Special downed weapon only usable by E.M.E.T.
  • 120 rounds per minute
  • 1.6 second reload
  • 22 damage per shot
  • 12 shots per magazine


Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward
1 Start 11 50 Keys 21 50 Keys 31 50 Keys
2 Badge 12 Badge 22 Command - Superior 32 Badge
3 Bionic Legs - Minor 13 Cybernetic Implants - Major 23 50 Keys 33 50 Keys
4 50 Keys 14 125 Keys 24 50 Keys 34 125 Keys
5 125 Keys 15 Badge 25 125 Keys 35 Weapon Skin
6 Gunslinger - Minor 16 125 Keys 26 50 Keys 36 125 Keys
7 Badge 17 Cybernetic Implants - Major 27 Badge 37 125 Keys
8 125 Keys 18 Badge 28 Bohrium Battery - Superior 38 Badge
9 Extra Fuel Tank - Minor 19 50 Keys 29 50 Keys 39 125 Keys
10 125 Keys 20 125 Keys 30 125 Keys 40 Hunter Skin

Rewards for perks that are already at level 3 are replaced with a 200 keys reward.


  • In Arena mode, if E.M.E.T. is the last hunter alive, and successfully respawns his team back, the entire team will benefit from the sudden death damage bonus. This however, is EXTREMELY risky and difficult to pull off, as a human-controlled monster will most likely do whatever it takes to locate and destroy the Respawn Beacon. Note that placing the beacon under objects will not hide the beacon's beam.
  • E.M.E.T.'s Healing Buoy's are E.M.E.T.'s easiest way to heal his teammates. When in combat with the Monster, deploy Healing Buoy's around the area, separated and if possible, on high ledges, to make it harder for the Monster to get rid of them.
  • E.M.E.T.'s Healing Burst will give all Healing Buoy's currently online a healing burst of their own. Use this to heal your teammates if they are on low health.
  • E.M.E.T.'s Replay Canon's missiles will track down the Monster. Make sure you target the Monster and get a successful hit, and the missiles will do the rest.
  • As with any Medic, make sure to keep your distance from the Monster and conserve your jetpack fuel. E.M.E.T. is likely to get targeted due to his healing abilities. Try and stay on high ledges so when you are targeted, you can make some distance between you and the Monster.


  • The Respawn Beacon emits a visible beam of light above it that pierces terrain, and can be destroyed by the Monster.
  • Healing Buoy's can be easily destroyed by Monster's abilities that spread over a large area. Some Monster abilities are more effective than other's, such as the Goliath's Fire Breath, the Kraken's Aftershock, Wraith's Supernova, Behemoth's Fissure, and Gorgon's Acid Spit. When placing Healing Buoy's make sure you take the Monster's abilities in consideration to improve your placement and overall healing ability.

Relationships with other Hunters

  • Demon E.M.E.T.: The demon logic core's relationship with E.M.E.T.'s original programming, like with everyone else, is extremely hostile and vulgar. Demon E.M.E.T. often rages at his friendlier side for his apparent cluelessness. There are many examples of this seen both in game and in dropship conversations. The most apparent is when E.M.E.T. will comment on the birds (alerted by the Monster) and claim that he wishes he could fly. The Demon Core will then emerge and point out the irony of the comment considering that E.M.E.T. has a jetpack, lamenting that E.M.E.T. is a 'retarded fuck.'
  • Bucket: Being the only other robot on the team, E.M.E.T. often greets Bucket with a "go team robot" vibe, which Bucket particularly dislikes and is embarrassed by, seeing himself as much more advanced than E.M.E.T.. The demon core treats Bucket how it is towards most of the Hunters, threatening him in typical demon core fashion. Although E.M.E.T. declares that they are two of the same because they are both robots, Bucket shows a distaste to this and insists that they are not as Bucket is a Mind.
  • Cabot: Cabot mentions in a dropship conversation that he likes E.M.E.T. because he is reliable. E.M.E.T. seems to appreciate the compliment and is very thankful to Cabot for allowing both him and Jack onto the team. Cabot, like with most things, seems accepting of the Demon Core's craziness and cracks a joke that being insane appears to be apart of the job description on the ship after the Demon Core emerges. Considering Cabot has also hired such strange characters like Hyde and Lazarus, it is understandable that he is able to tolerate E.M.E.T. better than most.
  • Kala: Kala appears to like E.M.E.T. at first due to the robot being a familiar face to her. The Demon Core emerges during the dropship conversation and after E.M.E.T. states that he cannot control when it emerges, she states that it is depressing that they are so alike, showing that she, however tolerable, does not like E.M.E.T. very much.
  • Hank: He was surprised that the team got an E.M.E.T. drone, believing that Cabot must be getting desperate if this is the case. In a dropship conversation, he states that he worked with Evac Drones before and is sceptical of how useful E.M.E.T. will be once the lightning and fire come.
  • Hyde: Though at first commenting that E.M.E.T. is useless, Hyde revises his decision immediately after the robots Demon core personality refutes his statement in an overly aggressive manner. This oddly enough reminds Hyde of the way his mother spoke to him as a child causing him to reminisce fondly about his home. Sometimes whenever Hyde dies, E.M.E.T. states that he likes him even though he said bad words". Even his demon core personality feels akin to Hyde's psychotic nature and says that he was "FUCKING AMAZING".
  • Griffin: E.M.E.T. was first excited to meet Griffin, who before their first conversation appeared to only know E.M.E.T. as the 'crazy robot everyone's been talking about.' He seems to reluctantly accept E.M.E.T.'s presence on the team.
  • Torvald: E.M.E.T. confuses Torvald for a robot, which irritates the cyborg to no end. Because of E.M.E.T.'s obliviousness he finds it difficult to speak to Torvald who is very matter of fact about the things he says. His dropship conversation with E.M.E.T. even causes Torvald to state that he misses Slim, showing that the two do not have the greatest relationship.
  • Jack: Jack found the drone in the junkyard of Shear and decided to take the robot to the ship to fix it. With some modifications, Jack also outfitted E.M.E.T. with the Demon Core to be an asset to both healing AND combat. E.M.E.T. refers to Jack as his "master", and Jack tries to convince him that they're just friends and to refer to him as just Jack. E.M.E.T. does exactly that, referring to him as "Just Jack", making him give up immediately. The two do seem close however and Jack appears proud of what he was able to make of the Vok Drone.
  • Lennox: She appreciates the usefulness of E.M.E.T. in combat and is especially relieved that he takes good care of Jack, though Lennox wished Jack would have installed something other than a Demon Core into E.M.E.T., showing concern about its hostility.
  • Sunny: She is able to completely look past E.M.E.T.'s insane side, (Considering that she has befriended the likes of Torvald) and became his friend. E.M.E.T. is happy that Sunny likes him.
  • Maggie and Daisy: E.M.E.T. likes Daisy and Maggie stated that she could tell that Daisy also liked him. Maggie appeared to trust E.M.E.T. before his Demon Core spoke up about Daisy and his desire to pat her in a rather aggressive and condescending way. After this incident, Maggie seems to tolerate E.M.E.T. much like the rest of the crew and is more protective of Daisy around him.
  • Caira: Although the two medics never interact in-game, Caira would have preferred Jack to have put a less aggressive core into E.M.E.T. as she is worried that the demon core will cause the Vok Drone to go crazy.




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  • E.M.E.T. is the second robotic hunter next to Bucket.
  • E.M.E.T. is also the first robotic medic hunter.
  • On the back of E.M.E.T.'s jetpack on the right shoulder there is an illustration of a cupcake. This is an easter egg which Turtle Rock Studios has used on multiple occasions.
  • E.M.E.T. closely resembles the robot "Atom" from the film "Real Steel," including the screen used as a face, and the boxing cap. They are also both robots in which come from a junkyard and are repurposed for combative purposes.
  • Writer Matthew Colville has described E.M.E.T.'s two personalities as drawing from the staff sergeant in Full Metal Jacket and Dug from UP.
  • E.M.E.T.s two cores possibly reference the fictional character Dr Jekyll, who also has a darker, evil form known as Hyde, based on the novel 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,' written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • E.M.E.T has numerous errors in his subtitles. For example, E.M.E.T. vocally calling the healing buoy's 'healing spikes,' is subtitled as 'healing buoy,' instead of the former. Additionally, his Demon Core's reminder to E.M.E.T. having a jetpack when E.M.E.T. wishes he could fly is subtitled "jetback," instead of the correctly spelled 'jetpack.' You can view his quotes here.