Cupcakes Edit

The common easter egg for Evolve is the Cupcake, due to its usage as an early placeholder for any monster food in the games development. Cupcakes of various sizes are hidden in certain parts of the map by the map designers and are not revealed even to other TRS employees, though testers are often the first to find them.

While cupcake locations are rarely revealed, one can be easily located while playing as Support on the dropship - simply look right before dropping. While initially only four or five cupcakes were hidden, as cupcake hunting became more popular at least one cupcake was added to each Hunt map. There are three on the Broken Hill Murder Pits (but none on Defend maps).

While playing on Murder Pits, there is a miniscule chance (one in a million) that the map will rain cupcakes, providing edible food to the monster.

Sunny also has a small cupcake keychain attached to her Mini-Nuke launcher.

Other Easter Eggs Edit

A photo of Bucket in a mustache is hidden somewhere on the maps. [Source]

Characters have many setpiece conversations that are rarely heard due to the combination of characters and map required, in addition to the characters looking at the setpiece within range of each other.

  • Markov and Hank have a short conversation about an arbitrary pillar of rock that forms a platform in the Aviary - a subtle joke about map design.
  • Caira has a special conversation with another character about Patterson devices and the Evacuation Ship when looking up at it on a specific Defend map. This is one of the rarer conversations to occur naturally in the game.
  • Abe and Parnell both have unique conversation lines with another character if they look at the crashed wreckage in Fusion Plant - they can identify the ship by name, and know its backstory.
  • Many core release characters - especially Hank and Val - know things central structures of the maps and can explain their purpose if they look at them, including Weather Control and Medlab. Most have something to say about the captured Wraith on Wraith Trap.

While essentially public information at this point, certain characters will only let slip some information under very specific circumstances, such as Lazarus' full name (Dorde Zivkovic) upon respawn, Jack's last name (Jack Lennox) upon being the last man standing, and an egregious Titanfall reference (and occasional joke about copyright infringement) by Bucket on respawn.

The end credits of the game feature an encoded message that can be decoded through a sonic visualizer (see CMET)