The Far Arm is a section in space first colonized by humans. Six known colony planets are located in this region - Landfall, Chapel, Slate, Factor, and Shear. Every planet in the Far Arm has been destroyed by Monsters[1], including Shear as of the Extinction era, which saw the end of the Monster's invasion.

Planets in the Far Arm were 'colonized' first by satellites, which drop down upon finding optimal landing places on the surface of the planet[2]. Skeleton crews are only required to run them, as well as the occasional Patterson Generator (which is in massive abundance on Shear).

Not much is known about the other planets in the Far Arm other than they are victim to the Monster's invasion. Factor was Maggie's homeworld and was destroyed by Behemoth, The Host and The Leviathan. Shear was colonized by Ida Lennox, is Jack Lennox's homeworld[3], and is by far the most Earthlike planet out of all of the colonies in the Far Arm with a rich deposit of Bohrium. Chapel is mentioned in the main credits of the game in morse code, detailing a SOS from the colony seconds before its destruction from Gorgon[4].

The Far Arm is known to be a stark contrast from Hub, which is located near Earth and spreads out from there. The Far Arm is colonized from the ground-up by independent, hard-working individuals seeking to be separate from Hub. While Hub is filled with rich, privileged individuals along with heavy military, the Far Arm does not have these benefits and is such defenseless to attacks from - for example - Monsters from another dimension. Also separate from Hub, the Far Arm is more interested in colonizing and construction than military and the sciences.

The Far Arm is known to be a perfect place for outlaws and criminals to flee to as Hub does not bother to venture out that far. Additionally, the Far Arm features many stations, which are again a perfect getaway for outlaws as there are popular bars among the stations. The only station known in the Far Arm is Matchstick Station[5].

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