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Jack Arthur Lennox, who sometimes refers to himself as "The Jackal," is the trapper from the Evolve Hunting Season 2 DLC.

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Jack, who refers to himself as "The Jackal", scrounged the industrial ruins to build his Trapper arsenal. To pack a punch, Jack wields two pairs of dual pistols, enabling him to reload one pair while firing the other. To track and trap the Monster, Jack uses a hacked Survey Satellite to locate enemies and his Repulsor gloves to stop the Monster in its tracks.

Like Ida Lennox, Jack has great intelligence and engineering ability that Matthew Colville, the game's head writer, has referred to as "an almost mystical affinity for machines." [1] However, he has little of Lennox's interpersonal skill, but this can be attributed at least partly to his youth. He's slightly younger than Sunny Yú who is about 19, placing him somewhere in his mid-teens, possibly 15-17.

Jack has managed to survive on Shear through the usage of technology he made from Shear's scrapyards. As a coping mechanism to deal with the traumatizing experiences of living on Shear and fighting the Monsters, he has created a superhero-like persona for himself which he calls "The Jackal".


Cocky and immature, Jack is often considered annoying by the other Hunters on the team, with his Jackal persona, cheeky attitude, and big mouth. While he has proven his worth to the team with his competence in battle, his personality still earns Jack frequent death threats from the other hunters.

Jack is also girl-crazy, often trying (and failing) to impress Sunny, Caira, and Val with his superhero act. When talking with them normally, he is extremely awkward.

Jack is extremely talkative, whether on the dropship, tracking the monster, in combat, and even when close to death. He is very energetic and shows enthusiasm when hunting the wildlife, especially Albinos.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Dual Pistols[]

Jack's two different energy pistols

Jack has two sets of energy pistols. His "reload" swaps the current set of pistols out and recharges the old pair. He does not slow down while firing the pistols.

  • 440 rounds per minute
  • 1.5 second reload
  • 36 30 damage per shot
  • 12 shots per magazine (6 shots per pistol)


Jack's Repulsor glove

Jack channels a force-field that stops the Monster from moving towards him. He can aim the beam off-center to angle the direction of blocking. Provided the movement direction matches the blocking direction, the repulsor causes the movement, traversals, and mobile abilities of the Monster to travel no distance. When not actively stopping the monster, the beam depletes slowly, and the capacity is drained more if movement if being stopped. It can stop many monster abilities and traversals at the cost of a large chunk of energy, and can push Kraken towards the ground if angled up and above, or even slow a Kraken attempting to drop to the ground to land Aftershock (this interaction with the Kraken is currently broken and not present). This allows ample time for your team to escape.

It can be considered the opposite of Griffin's harpoon gun. Where the harpoon gun stops a monster from running away from Griffin, the Repulsor stops a monster from moving towards Jack. It does not push the monster away from Jack, even if the monster is standing still, nor would the monster move faster if it moved the opposite direction of the beam.

  • 1000 ammo
  • 400 ammo required to fire
  • 75 ammo consumed when used
  • 90 degree arc angle
  • Reduces speed by 95%
  • 1 second delay on recharge
  • 5 second recharge
  • 60 meter range
  • 30 degree lock on angle
  • 7% ammo per second used when not repulsing the monster
    • Goliath Charge - 40% ammo used, length reduced by 80%
    • Meteor Goliath Charge - 40% ammo used, length reduced by 85%
    • Wraith Abduct - 40% ammo used
    • Wraith Warp Blast - 40% ammo used
    • All other abilities/traversals - Unknown

Survey Satellite[]

Jack's Satellite spike

Jack places a spike that sends sweeping lasers out in concentric circles. The satellite deals high damage to monsters when striking a target and marks monsters, footprints, creatures that have recently been eaten by the Monster and elite wildlife. While it leaves a red marker at the monsters location on a successful sweep it does not "tag" the monster and will not follow its movements.

  • Scans within a 130 meter radius
  • Scans over a period of 9 seconds
  • 1 second cast time
  • .8 second delay
  • 60 second cooldown
  • Beams scan a 10 meter area
  • Deals damage within 4 meters of the monster
  • Deals a single instance of 200 damage to the monster (lasers can never damage the monsters more than once although they can tag it more than once, each additional tag from the same scan does 0 damage)

Class Ability: Planet Scanner[]

Will point in the general direction of the Monster on each Hunter's compass. The Trapper will recieve a speed boost and see all wildlife outlined, including the Monster.

  • Stats currently untested

Downed: Jack’s Pistol[]

  • Used only when downed
  • Special downed weapon only usable by Jack
  • 200 rounds per minute
  • 1.7 second reload
  • 6 shots per magazine
  • 35 damage per shot


Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward
1 Start 11 50 Keys 21 50 Keys 31 50 Keys
2 Badge 12 Badge 22 Acidic Rounds - Superior 32 Badge
3 Rocket Man - Minor 13 Rocket Lord - Major 23 50 Keys 33 50 Keys
4 50 Keys 14 125 Keys 24 50 Keys 34 125 Keys
5 125 Keys 15 Badge 25 125 Keys 35 Weapon Skin
6 Infravision - Minor 16 125 Keys 26 50 Keys 36 125 Keys
7 Badge 17 Cybernetic Implants - Major 27 Badge 37 125 Keys
8 125 Keys 18 Badge 28 Bohrium Battery - Superior 38 Badge
9 Extra Fuel Tank - Minor 19 50 Keys 29 50 Keys 39 125 Keys
10 125 Keys 20 125 Keys 30 125 Keys 40 Hunter Skin

Rewards for perks that are already at level 3 are replaced with a 200 keys reward.


  • Position yourself between the Monster and your vulnerable teammates to make the best use of the Repulsor.
  • The satellite rays go through walls. Even under a covered cavern, dropping the satellite may be a good option to find a nearby monster, whatever its z-level position (height axis). The satellite range is average, it covers a circle of about 1.5 times an arena radius.
  • Use Sunny's Jetpack Booster or high ground to prevent the monster from jumping or flying.


  • The repulsor cannot be used to stop monsters projectile attacks, such as the Goliath's rock throw or Behemoth's tongue grab.
  • Although Jack is useful when fighting the monster, he can have trouble catching an agile monster such as a Gorgon, due to his lack of ranged tracking devices.

Relations with other Hunters[]

  • Markov: Despite his initial refusal due to Jack's age, Markov acknowledged him as a reliable and adept hunter after seeing him in action. At first, Jack is led to believe that the Assault enjoys working with "The Jackal", but Markov is instead sarcastically teasing Jack's false bravado.
  • E.M.E.T.: Jack repaired, modified, and brought Emet onto the team. he considers Emet his responsibility and often checks in on how Emet is adjusting to his Demon Core. Jack shows a gentler side when talking with Emet: sympathizing with the medic-bot's sadness about not being able to save all of the colonists and considering him a friend (which Emet is overjoyed to learn). Alternatively, he also thinks the Demon Core is awesome and urges it to be more aggressive, even when it threatens him. Emet appears to care for Jack as well, as he states that he protects Jack when speaking to Lennox. Jack considers the hacked medic-bot unfortunately incompetent in conversation, demonstrated when Emet is unable to call him by his name instead of 'Master'; Jack references his own social awkwardness when admitting "this must be what it's like for normal people talking to me".
  • Val: At first, Val is doubtful of Jack's abilities and questions Cabot's choice to bring him on, but he earns her respect on an unseen hunt when Jack stops a Behemoth mid-charge and saves the team. When Val mentions this, Jack also thank her for saving him during the same hunt. Unlike his competence in battle, Val does not appreciate Jack's teenage leering, threatening him when she catches him staring at her behind on the dropship.
  • Hank: Hank trusts Cabot's choice on letting Jack join the team, but is amused by Jack's small stature and youth saying a Goliath could eat Jack in one bite. Hank is also at first amused by 'The Jackal' persona, but eventually grows weary of it, threatening call down his orbital bombardment on Jack if he doesn't stop.
  • Lazarus: Lazarus concedes that Jack is brave, but reminds him not to be careless as he does not want to have to use the Lazarus Device on him too many times. He tries to scare Jack by telling him that the device will cause his brain to melt if used too often and that he will end up like Hyde with "a brain like oatmeal". Hyde is not amused when he hears this.
  • Parnell: Parnell appreciates Jack's intelligence and is happy to have him on the team, but still has a fun teasing him, calling Jack a nincompoop.
  • Caira: Like most of the other female hunters, Jack has a crush on Caira, often retreating to his superhero persona when talking to her. While Caira thinks the helmet is nice, she refuses to call him 'The Jackal' and adds that she doesn't have to heal him when he's using his altered voice. She also does not take kindly to Jack overestimating her age and threatens to shoot her napalm grenades at him when he guesses she's 30, then 35.
  • Cabot:
  • Jack is grateful to Cabot for letting him in the team. The leader is a positive father figure for the boy, praising Jack for stopping a Behemoth with his repulsors and telling him that the other hunters will accept Jack once he proves himself in the field, though they will likely still tease him. Jack is likely afraid of messing up around Cabot, though he jokingly asks Cabot not to fire him while picking him up.
  • Slim: Jack admires Slim for his cool attitude and unique abilities, which gives the two some camraderie and helps raise Slim's own self-image. Slim seems to appreciate that Jack doesn't have any preconceptions about Basilisk soldiers an instead takes him for who he is. The two have been said to have a big brother/little brother relationship.
  • Lennox: Secretly Jack's absentee mother, though neither has revealed this to the team.[2]. It's suggested that Lennox's attitude towards motherhood is somewhat hands-free, though she still cares for Jack, sometimes nagging him to take a bath and saying that she is glad E.M.E.T. is looking after him.
  • Hyde: Hyde, like most others, does not like 'The Jackal', though his threats have a harder time of landing due to Jack not understanding Hyde's Cockney rhyming-slang. Jack asks if his "nonsense talk" is due to brain damage, which Hyde threatens to burn Jacks face off in response to. In a conversation with Lazarus, Lazarus teasingly warns that overuse of the Lazarus Device will turn a brain to mush, and that this is why Hyde speaks the way he does. When Jack next sees Hyde he apologizes for making fun of Hydes "disability", when Hyde learns that Lazarus told him this, he declares that "some pranking is in order".
  • Sunny Yú: Sunny expresses geunuine admiration for Jack's inventions, praising him for his engineering skills. Jack has a bit of a crush on Sunny and compliments her own intelligence and equipment, though much more awkwardly. Sunny also enjoys teasing Jack, asking why he doesn't use the voice when around her, saying that she liked it, and then revealing she just wanted to see if she could get him to do the voice when he immediately starts talking like The Jackal. Jack takes the teasing in good nature though, continuing in the superhero voice to say "Once again, the Jackal is alone". Sunny appears to be the only hunter that Jack doesn't feel the need to impress.
  • Abe: Although they never interact in-game, Jack thought Abe didn't like him at first. Parnell tries to reassure him that Abe is just concerned for him and is testing him. When Jack revealed that Abe poured oatmeal into his helmet, Parnell laughed and told Jack that it means Abe does like him, as it would not have been oatmeal if he didn't.




  • Initially, Jack was shown wearing a cape, evident in his tutorial videos and teaser silhouette. However, the cape is not present in-game.
  • Jack is the youngest hunter in the game.
  • Jack has no real idea about animals from earth, thinking that a jackal has the ability to sting and a aardvark has a mutating bite. Which was one of his many theory's on Kala's mutations.
  • Jack's real name has been hinted to be either James or Arthur, based on Ida Lennox's sole survivor quotes and Mathew Colville's comments on the Turtle Rock Forums.