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This is the page containing in-game quotes from the character Jack

General QuotesEdit

Spotting TracksEdit

  • Glowing footprint things! This is convenient.
  • Ooh, footprints! Or whatever.
  • The Jackal chases its prey. None can escape.
  • Tracks!
  • We're back on tracks, people!
  • Prints here!
  • Oh, here they are. Tracks!
  • I see 'em. Tracks!

Spotting MonsterEdit

  • Yeah, right there. Not getting away.
  • See it? Look!
  • See it? Way out there. Can we tag it? Someone tag it before it gets away.
  • Ping! Right there. Ping ping ping!
  • I am pinging the Monster! Look at me pinging! I mean, don't look at me, look over there.
  • I see it! And it is HUGE!
  • Oh hey! Monster! Nice, we can stop chasing it.

Using Survey SatelliteEdit

  • Come on Satellite! Be up there!
  • Scanning!

Survey Satellite spotting MonsterEdit

  • There it is! Monster ahoy! Anyone know what 'ahoy' means?
  • Found it!
  • There!

Doming MonsterEdit

  • I have you now.
  • Yay! See that? Genius.
  • Got it! Yeah!
  • Got it! Start fighting!
  • Trapper supreme! Who needs pets?
  • Prodomer! That sounds weird to say. Prodomer. Prodomer.
  • Trapped in the Jackal's web. Web? Jackals don't have... never mind.

Dome missedEdit

  • It's not my fault! It jumped or something.
  • It is NOT in the dome. Yet. Have faith.
  • Look, I didn't design this dome, okay?
  • Nope, gotta try again.
  • Ah, sugar. He got away.

Dome coming downEdit

  • Time is almost up!

Firing on Monster Edit

  • The bigger they are... the more health they have, turns out.
  • We are fighting the Monster! And probably winning! Maybe dying, but probably not.
  • No you don't, you don't get away!
  • It's right here! I think it's trying to kill us!
  • Fighting time! Pow pow pow!
  • Fighting time! Pow, pow! Zap, zap! Yeah!
  • [Stage 1] Kill it! Stage one, kill it now!
  • [Stage 2] Firing on a stage two! Obviously. I mean, you know that. But everyone says this stuff.
    • Stage two! Even fight! Prefer something a little more in our favor, but I'm the trapper, I guess that's my fault.
  • [Stage 3] Ok, don't go crazy! This thing is stage three, it can smoke us!


  • Goliath! It's gonna breathe fire I bet.
  • Come on Goliath. Try and hit me!
  • Ok, Goliath! We're ready! Are we ready? Yes. Let's say yes.
  • Goliath vs... the Jackal!
  • [Rock Throw] Get ready to dodge! Rock!
    • Rock! Wow, big rock!

Wraith Edit

  • Taking down a Wraith! Hey, I'm optimistic!
  • Wraith... you are no match for... the Jackal.


  • Kraken! Open fire! That was... I mean, WE should fire on IT, not "hey Kraken, shoot at us!"
  • Whoa, I see it! Kraken! Right here!
  • Kraken! Hello! And goodbye.
  • [Lightning Strike] Look look look! Move!
    • Look at the white dome thing! Lightning!


  • Behemoth vs... the Jackal!
  • Hey, I think I can jump on it's back! Ride it around!
  • [Wall Disappearing] No more wall, let's go!
    • Wall down! Or disintegrated! Or whatever.

Gorgon Edit

  • [Spider Trap] Someone get me out of here!

Monster evolvingEdit

  • Alright. It's stage two. Great.
  • Man, I really hoped we'd have killed it by now.
  • It staged up! I’ll stage up eventually. It’ll take a few years. And a LOT of pizza.


  • The Jackal, deadly.
  • The Jackal stings! Stings? Bites. Yeah. The Jackal bites!
  • Hey, I'm pretty good at this!
  • Got it! Hit the, uh... whatever!
  • Yeah! You like that? Critical hit!
  • Headshot! Or... whatever.

Teammate getting headshot Edit

  • You are amazing!
  • Hey, do it again!

Weak spotsEdit

  • Hey, these weaks spots are aces!
  • This is WAY better than video games!

Armor downEdit

  • Look! We're through it's armor! Come on!
  • Monster armor... gone!

Using RepulsorEdit

  • Stop! I command you! Heh heh.
  • Stop! Yeah, see? You GOT to stop! You can't... uh oh!
  • Got him! Who needs harpoons... ah!

Being healedEdit

  • I feel much better, thank you.
  • Oh I feel good. Real good! Thanks!
  • Nice! I’m ready to kill!


  • Die! Whatever you are!
  • Dune Beetle! Run, run, run!
    • Oh, it's a Dune Beetle. Wonderful. LEAVE ME ALONE!
  • Armoured Don! Why is everything called Don? Who IS Don?
    • Armadon!
  • Blitzer! Look out!
    • 'Blitzleopard! Don't pounce me, stupid animal! '
      • [Caught] Hey! *argh* Hey, someone shoot this thing!'
      • It got me! *argh*... I screwed up!
      • *oof* I found a *ungh* Blitzleopard!
      • I'm ok! *argh* I'm alright! *oof* Help!
  • Steamadon! Incoming steam cloud!
    • Steama-thing. Don. Steaming Don. How you doing, Don?
  • Plant here! I love these things! When they eat someone else, obviously. That's hysterical.
    • Chomp plant! Good name, real good name. Keep it. Don't change it.
    • Whoa, hey! Chomp plant right here!
      • [Caught] Plant got me! Ow. OW! Stop eating me!
      • Can anyone hear me? Ungh! I stepped in a plant!
      • I'm in a plant! Ow! Stop it!
  • Nomad! Least he's not named Don.
    • Nomad! Wow, look at you. Maybe if we climbed on top of this guy we could see the Monster!
  • Oh Mr. Reaver. You are gonna die.
    • Reavers! Stupid.
  • Mammoth bird!
    • Mammoth bird! Bird? I guess. Sure. Whatever.
  • Sloth here! Man, these things are big. How come we don't ride around on these? Too slow, I guess.
    • Crowbill! Is that what a crow's bill looks like? I guess.

Cabot's Damage Amp Edit

  • Thanks Cabot! Everybody loves the damage amp!
  • More damage! More! Pow pow pow!
  • Haha, support! Cabot! You're amazing!

Saved by teammateEdit

  • I'm alive! I mean... I live!
  • Sorry, I didn't see the... I... you know.

Reviving teammatesEdit

  • Your gonna live!
  • You're not going to die! Today! Well, maybe. Everyone dies eventually. Except Bucket I guess. Everyone who's not a robot dies.
  • Monster's right there, get to it!
  • You'll make it! Probably!
  • I got you! Go!
  • Ok, I got you! You okay? You look okay. You're fine. Go! Kill!
  • [Val] Val! Get your gun and go! Shoot!
    • What kind of hat is that? How do you get it to stay on your head?
    • Val! It's Valerie, right? Hi. I'm Jack, I'm ah, saving your life. Hey.
  • [Caira] Get up Caira! My name's Jack, by the way. You may remember me from the, ah, dropship. Uh, hi.
    • You healed me, I save you. We're like, uh, a team, you know?
    • Caira! Hi! Hey, so I'm saving your life, you notice? Heh.
    • I got Caira! I'm a hero!
  • [Cabot] Cabot! Get up!
    • Cabot, do not die! We got Monsters to kill and we need your damage amp.
    • We need you, Cabot! Is it ok if I call you Cabot? I can tell that it's not. Mr. Cabot. Sorry.
  • [Bucket] Wow, you are one tough robot!
    • Come on, Bucket! Missile, missile, missile!
  • [Hank] Ok, Mr. Allen, you're good.

Teammate deathEdit

  • [Lazarus] Lazarus is, uh... not moving.
  • [Cabot] Whoa, we lost Cabot. Well, nobody lives forever.
  • [Medic] Medic is gone, but as long as NONE of us take ANY damage we'll be fine. Right?
  • [Support] No more Support! Still got our Assault, though, right? Still got a chance.
  • [Assault] Whoa, lost our Assault. Lost our big guns! We are BONED! Super boned.

Two leftEdit

  • Hey, I think we should wait for the dropship, what do you think?
  • We should run.

Sole SurvivorEdit

  • Okay, Jack Lennox, relax. You can do this.

Low healthEdit

  • Hey, can we rest? Do we have a medic? Is our medic still alive? Are we all gonna die? Answer those in any order.
  • There's a lotta blood all over me and based on the EXTREME pain I'm in, I'm guessing it's mine!
  • Medic! My everything hurts!
  • Hey, we have a medic right? I hope it's Caira!
  • I am badly wounded and I do not like it!


  • Oof! I'm down! Crap!
  • Come on, get me up!
  • Aah! That hurt. Poop. Help!
  • I'm down! Sugar.
  • I need help!
  • Someone get me up! So I can run far away!
  • Hey so... help?
  • Hey! Anyone hear me? Monster's gone, right? Help?
  • Help...? Anyone? Mom?

Win Edit

  • Yay! We did it! Uh, I mean... the Jackal is victorious.


The following quotes only exist in the Legacy version of Evolve.


Spotting eggEdit

  • There you are, egg. My old nemesis.
  • Next egg, right there.

Firing on eggEdit

  • Firing on an egg!
  • Firing on an egg! We got Bucket? His turrets are aces at this!
  • Last egg, right? So where's the Monster?


Picking up survivor Edit

  • Remember you were saved by... the Jackal!

All survivors picked upEdit

  • We need E.V.A.C., A.S.A.P.!

Transport readyEdit

  • Yay! It's the ship! I mean... your salvation is at hand.


Generator being attackedEdit

  • It's after the generator! Hit it!
  • Why are they ignoring us!? Stop doing that!

Lose Edit

  • Sometimes I hate this job.