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Mammoth Birds are small, bipedal creatures on Shear. They can be found on almost every map, and are usually found wandering in small groups of two or three.

Mammoth Birds are fast enough to outrun the Hunters on foot, but are easily run down by Monsters, even without using stamina. Mammoth Birds are worth 3 meats, making them well worth killing and eating while playing the monster. However, if a Monster or Hunter should get too close, the Mammoth Bird will unleash a burst of electricity from its tentacles, damaging Monster and Hunter alike. This attack deals sizeable damage for the Mammoth birds size, equivalent to a quarter of hunters health.


  • Meats: 3
  • 350 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 6 meters per second
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 3x
  • Automatically flees at: 20 meters
  • Attitude toward monster: Afraid of monsters at all stages, will attack monster in self defense. Deals damage in a 8 meter radius when startled.
  • Attacks:
    • Lightning Attack: 400
  • Elite Differences:
    • 600 hp
    • Maximum Speed: 8.5 meters per second


Hunters: Reload Speed / Reload and switch weapons 40% faster.

Monster: Cooldown Reduction / Abilities recharge 30% faster.


Descended from aquatic cephalopods, Mammoth Birds are not avians. Their closest land-dwelling relatives are the Blitz Leopards. Mammoth Bird legs are actually specially adapted tentacles, which leaves their other tentacles free as prehensile grasping, hunting, and eating tools. Another two of its tentacles have evolved into sophisticated bioluminescent lures that store a potent electric charge. They use the lure/charge combination to hunt Spotters. The tentacles worm their way into the Spotters’ den, prompting the Spotters to investigate the light and get themselves stunned by the electric charge.

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