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"I NEED A MEDIC!... Oh, yeah."


The Medic is the healer of the team. This special hunter, boosts the survivability of their teammates as well as their own. While each of the medics all have their own specified weapons, they all come with a Healing Burst ability. Like all hunters, they can do damage and defend themselves accordingly, but survival of their teammates is their primary role.

Healing Burst[]

All medics are equipped with the healing burst ability, though each medics burst is different from the others (unlike the other classes, who have the same class ability across all characters). The healing burst emits a spherical blast with a radius of either 15 and 30 meters, greatly healing both the medic and all within the radius. The cooldown is different for each character and some characters, like Slim or E.M.E.T., can alter how fast the cooldown resets or where the burst comes from.

This ability is used in both Evolve and Evolve Stage 2.

Hunters (Medic Class)[]