The following are minor characters or NPC's that appear in Evolve canon and the Hunter's Quest mobile game.

Mason Savoy Edit

An almost certainly deceased member of the crew of the Sword, Mason was a heavy drinker who worked under Abe and Parnell and frequently shirked his responsibilities. Mason died aboard the Solaris when it went critical, just after Sunny made her escape into Cherenkov space.

Franz Sigmund Luekhart/Dr. Leukhart Edit

The writer of Field Guide to the Far Arm, the book that inspired Caira Diaz to be a biologist. Luekhart's guide lists Shear as the most earthlike of planets and refers to it as the jewel of the Far Arm. Luekhart speaks of wanting to set off for Shear in his guide.

On the Aviary, a biologist named Dr. Luekhart narrates the Evacuation dialogue for the preserve. This Luekhart is either the same or a direct descendant.

Arthur Edit

A lover of Lennox, and the probable father of James Arthur Lennox, or Jack.

Korsoth Edit

Another famous hunter, often depicted as an eight-armed alien in the serials based around Griffin Hallsey. Korsoth is human and a good friend of the second-tier trapper.

Colonel Alan Banfield Edit

The Director of CIG-9 and Val's superior, Banfield is responsible for her mission to Shear

Commander Park Edit

A commander of the Ebonstar soldiers, Commander Park narrates troubles for the Evacuation missions at the Barracks and Armory.

Air Operator Mitchell Edit

An Ebonstar cargo ship pilot trapped at the Refueling Tower.

Lieutenant Ruiz Edit

A scientist who remained behind at the Wraith Trap.

Ebonstar Soldier Edit

A nameless Ebonstar soldier that joins the team as part of an evacuation bonus.

  • Early in Evolve's release, this character would frequently glitch and spawn in place of a respawning hunter, allowing the player temporary control of this NPC.