The Patterson Equations Edit

"No one knows how it works, it just... works."
The Patterson equations are a fictional set of scientific equations used in the Evolve universe that define, but do not fully explain, how many of the games essential technologies work. Patterson equations describe the rules of faster than light travel (and other natural forces) in the same way that one might describe gravity or relativity, allowing humankind to travel the stars, generate tremendous power in comparatively small generators, and create force fields, antigravity, and futuristic weaponry.

A core equation of utilizing Patterson technology be equated as ⌂k/iT (Delta-kay over eye-tee). This equation describes as change in kaluzas/imaginary time, where a kaluza is a measurement of the strength of dimensional displacement (in laymans term, the larger the kaluza, the bigger the object manipulated). While human beings control Patterson technology through computerized monitoring systems that control the inherent chaos, the Monsters have this pattern written into their HNA, giving them the same abilities with their consciousness as a limiter.

FTL Travel and Cherenkov Space Edit

Travelling faster than light in the Evolve universe involves entering Cherenkov space, which is roughly approximated as an alternate dimension.

This process involves some degree of relativistic travel, meaning that time passes differently for those travelling at different speeds (most notable in the case of Sunny's trip to Shear, which took her a few weeks, but comprised over a year of Abe and Parnell's lives). Caira believes that the monsters may also be coming from Cherenkov Space, prompting Lennox to consider the possibility of constructing a device to block them.

Patterson Devices Edit

"They always go for the Patterson Tech. Always."
The importance of Patterson devices in the overall plot of Evolve is unknown, however, they are a clear objective of the Monsters and a central source of conflict. Every map in both Defend Mode and Hunt mode features a Patterson device (either the Power Relay or Evacuation Ship) at its core, and the goal of the Monster, before even killing the hunters, is to destroy that device. Following the Evacuation of Shear and the arrival of Lennox to the team, the hunters now also have the goal of recovering a Patterson Drive to take the Laurie-Anne out of the Shear system.

Notable devices that use the Patterson equations include:

  • Power Relays
  • Patterson Drives (Evacuation Ships)
  • Crow's Hydrostatic Disruptor
  • The Mobile Arena
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