The Sixth Monster was to be released by Turtle Rock but the idea was eventually scrapped. The Monster was said to resemble a Manticore and a Phoenix. It would have one of the highest health in the game, exceeding that of Behemoth, and its armour would be slightly more than Goliath but less than Behemoth. It is the only known monster with FIVE abilities instead of four. Its abilities would include

Flaming Oblivion - This ability would allow you to light up in flames, allowing any hunter that damaged you to be lit on fire and take 33 damage per second for five seconds, and your melee damage and attack speed would greatly increase, similar to Supernova for Wraith but every melee hit would light your opponent on fire, doing 12 damage for 5 seconds. A level 3 Flaming Oblivion would allow you to disintegrate a hunter's body once she or he was dead, allowing no body for Lazarus to revive.

Sonic Roar - This ability would allow you to roar a sonic scream, knocking away hunters or wildlife. It would be similar to Kraken's Vortex, except far more powerful. This roar would render a hunter of his class ability for 10 seconds. It would do 456 damage at stage 1, 500 at stage 2, and 653 at stage 3. The Sonic Roar has a cooldown of 14 seconds.

Spike Gun - This ability would allow you to fire spikes at a constant rate for 5 seconds straight, which gave the hunters or wildlife a poison effect and did 230 damage per spike. There would be a total of five spikes. You could move around, allowing the spikes to hit multiple targets. The poison effect would do 50 damage for 3 seconds. The Spike Gun's damage increases at stage 3, from 230 to 278.

Tornado Summoning - Summon a massive whirlwind of power, sucking up hunters or wildlife. It would be quite visible. Hunters or wildlife sucked up in the tornado would receive 100 damage per second. The tornadoes last for 5 seconds (6 at stage 3).

Passive Ability (Healing) - This ability would allow you to burst into flames like a Phoenix and regenerate a total of 240 health. This ability has a 40 second cooldown, and while you are healing, you are frozen in place, leaving you vulnerable to attack. This healing move also sets off flames, notifying hunters of your location.