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"Just another job"


The Trapper's job is to literally trap the Monster and/or to prevent it from getting to close to the Power Relay, Generator, or survivors, depending on the game mode. All trappers have access to a tracking ability, an ability that slows down  the monster's movement speed, (Such as stasis grenades) and a Mobile Arena, which is arguably their most important function.  The Mobile Arena is an electromagnetic dome that traps the hunters and monster inside, giving the hunters time to take down the beast. The trapper can also remove the dome if necessary. Other weapons are more specific to the trapper class. Maggie also comes with her AI pet Daisy, a trapjaw tracker. Crow also has a pet but unlike daisy Gobi is not an AI, rather, he has the same ability as Cabot's Dust Tagging ability. Daisy on the other hand can revive fallen hunters and find the monsters which proves invaluable. 

List of Hunters (Trapper Class) Edit


  • Maggie and Crow are the only hunters who have pets to assist them.
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