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This is the page containing in-game quotes from the character Val. 

General QuotesEdit

Spotting TracksEdit

  • Tracks!
  • I've got tracks here.
  • Found its trail!

Spotting MonsterEdit

  • There we go. I see it. Out there.
  • There. Do you see? Out there. That's our target.
  • There it is. Out of range but... at least we know where it is.
    • [Wraith] I got her! She's right here!


  • Some kind of Carrion birds circling over something.

Firing at MonsterEdit

  • Fire on the weak point!
  • Here's your target, team!
  • This ends now.
  • Firing at the Monster!
  • Engaging Monster! Fire!
  • Had just about enough of you!

Monster EvolvingEdit

  • Monster's at Stage 2. Let's interrupt its feeding schedule.
  • Ok, Stage 2. Good news is, most of these fights end before the thing hits Stage 3.


  • [Reaver] Reavers! Watch your back. They run in packs.
  • [Venom Hound] Venom hound! Remember - they're poisonous.
  • [Megamouth] Megamouth! Good name.


  • Albino! Monster loves these.

Carnivorous PlantEdit

  • Plant!


  • I hate this planet.

Equipping MedgunEdit

  • I'm on the medgun!
  • On first aid duty.

Healing Teammates with the MedgunEdit

  • [Assault] I'm on you Assault! Keep it up!
    • Assault! You're healed up!
  • [Trapper] You're good to go, Trapper!
  • You did real good out there. Lemme fix you up.

Medgun RechargedEdit

  • Salveron Regenerist Ray fully charged.

Healing FieldEdit

  • THAT should tide you over.
  • Technology to the rescue, how's everyone feel?
  • Everyone ok? Anyone need more?

Tranq GunEdit

  • Tranq dart in! Monster pissed and slooow.
  • Tranq'd it!
  • Hang on, switching to tranq darts.
  • Boom! Shake that off!
  • Tranq in!
  • Bam! Got it!

Teammate DeathEdit

  • [Bucket] We've lost Bucket's shell.


  • Ungh! I can't... I can't get up!
  • Help!
  • I'm still down! You need me!
  • I can heal you, get me up!

Being Revived Edit

  • [DAISY] Daisy! Daisy you're my favourite trapjaw.
    • Good dog. Or... bear. Or whatever you are.
    • Good dog. Good... Huge alien dog animal.

Legacy Edit

The following quotes only exist in the Legacy version of Evolve.

Nest Edit

Win Edit

  • Bucket, bring the ship around. We cleared this nest.
  • That was the last egg. We are prepped and ready for evac.

Rescue Edit

Survivor killed Edit

  • Why? Why does it care about the people?

Defend Edit

First Generator DestroyedEdit

  • NO! No! We fought so hard!

Second Generator DestroyedEdit

  • This is it! Defend that ship!
  • This is it, people!
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