Venom Hounds are small, vicious wildlife creatures native to The Fusion Plant, with a venomous bite that is a nuisance to Monster and Hunter alike. They are found either wandering the map or, more commonly, patrolling the immediate vicinity of very large, green, bioluminescant fungi that the hounds may share some unknown symbiotic relationship with. They are always found in pairs and can prove quite dangerous to lone Hunters.

The only true way to describe a Venom Hound is 'obnoxious'. As its name implies, the hound pounces on hunters and poisons anything it lands, but does not attack Monsters unless attacked first. The poison they carry deals enough damage over time to effectively negate any regenerative health perk you may be carrying. This venom may well incapacitate careless Hunters as well if they don't watch their health, as the poison will slowly deal small amounts of damage until it wears off.

Venom Hounds eat corpses of nearby wildlife, denying the monster valuable food and potentially allowing the hunters to deny valuable buffs to the monster by pulling Venom Hounds to desired locations.

Stats Edit

  • Meats: 1
  • 120 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 6.5
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 7x
  • Recognizes enemies at: 12 meters
  • Cautions enemies at: 12 meters
  • Attitude toward monster: Afraid of monster at all stages.
  • Attacks:
    • Initial Pounce Attack: 140
    • Poison Attack: 60 per tick for 5 hits (300 total)
  • Elite Differences:
    • 350 hp
    • Maximum Speed: 7.5

Buffs Edit


A Venom Hound leaping upon Parnell.

The Elite Venom Hound buff provides a 5 second duration, 20 damage per second poison debuff to the monster's basic attacks and to the hunters' direct damage weapons (energy and explosive weapons do apply this - but deployables do not, such as mines or sentries). Hunters cannot stack this buff. This buff lasts 5 minutes.

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