Wildlife are ambient creatures that spawn across Shear. They provide food for the Monster and make obstacles for Hunters when hostile, although some have no food value at all, such as the Batray and Harpy, and some are harmless. Dead wildlife decays in 2 minutes, 35 seconds.


Elite buffs Edit

The vast majority of creatures found on Shear have a small chance to spawn as an albino and can grant both the Hunters and the Monster with a temporary buff when killed. Buffs (with the exception of the two minute Monster health regeneration buff granted by the Tyrant) last for five minutes.

The Hunters only need to interact with the animal's corpse after killing it to obtain the buff while the Monster has to (partially) consume it. This makes it easier for the Hunters to obtain said buffs, but the Monster can effectively prevent the Hunters from getting it by eating it completely.

Albino counterparts are only found once per map for each creature and are not a guaranteed spawn.

Due to these buffs' unpredictable nature and strength, the spawning of elite wildlife is usually disabled in competitive play.



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